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Laura Blagho believes that fashion should be an expression of individuality and art. Her passion is to offer unique clothing that blends artistic inspiration with the finest craftmanship.

The feminine look and versatile design of her clothes appeal to the many ever-changing needs and roles of today’s women. She designs with originality and sophistication, paired with high quality tailoring and great finishing. Ultimately, her creations make a woman feel both glamorous and at ease.

Rooted in a passion for fabrics, colours, craft and art, her products not only delight customers with something beautiful, but also inspire them with new interpretations of the fashion world’s heritage and artistry.

Laura was born in Switzerland from Italian parents and has strong ties to culture and art thanks to her background as former Global Head of Marketing & Communications at Art Basel. Her Swiss & Italian roots and her love for the arts are reflected in her designs and collaborations.

As a business woman and frequent traveler, she needs to cover various roles. And she knows which little helpers can help her achieve this. Fashionable ensembles with functionality and strong expression. She now brings this knowledge and sensitivity to the market with her first product for cosmopolitan and stylish women: versatile, handcrafted, extraordinary and artistic collars.